Background information about Kangoo-Jumps:


Kangoo Jumps are simple spring boots for  a wide variety of customers. They enable you to jump up to 70 cm (app. 3 foot) high and make jumps up to 2,5 meters. The boots are designed for fitness and fun purposes.


The Kangoo-Jumps are basically built out of a boot and the spring itself. The boot can be seen as a mixture of a ski-boot and an inline skate boot. The outer boot is hard. The inner boot is soft (of different sizes) and can be removed to adapt to another shoe size or for washing. The spring  is made out of two separate plastic shells. Between the shells is the spring element itself. It is acting like a rubber band between the shells.

Experience with the boots:

Kangoo-Jumps are very easy to handle. I have not met anyone who was not able to walk and jump with them after a couple of meters. Don’t be concerned, try them. I think that the spring element is a little bit to weak for people over 90 Kg weight. But the manufacturer is developing a ”High performance” version which should cure the problem. Tests with metal springs instead of the original rubber spring have been quite successful. The performance is better, but the walking and jumping comfort is less.

History of the Kangoo-jumps:

The Pioneer-work for spring-boots itself was done in the 20th in Eastern Europe. The original purpose was to have a recreation device for Leg injuries. The original concept was redesigned in the 80th in Canada. Denis Naville, a Swiss engineer reworked the concepts and developed the comfort, the design and the performance.

His first model (KJ-1) was first presented at the international sports-sales show in 1994. From there the boots have been developed to a real fun sport device.

Till September 2001 the actual model (KJ-4 XR) is also available in a junior version.

The future of the Kangoo-jumps:

The “inventor” Denis Naville is still spending a lot of time improving the Kangoo-jumps. Currently he is working on a new design which is especially designed for high performance. It is said that this model will be ready to be launched very soon. On the other hand the current boot will be also improved. The future “normal” Kangoo-boot (KJ-7) will only have a soft-shell to improve the comfort. The KJ-/ will also be available in a junior version.


Where can I buy Kangoo-Jumps?
Where your next dealer/distributor is is depending on where you are located. Please send me an Email and I try to find out where it is. The headquoter of kangoo-Jumps is located in Switzerland:

      Kangoo Jumps World Head Office
      RDM Sàrl
      Rue de la Dixence 19
      Case postale 640
      1951 Sion
      Phone: (41) 22-755.5715
      Fax: (41) 22-755.5025
      Official website:

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There are a lot of Kangoo-jumps on the European market that are not the latest/actual model. (But they are advaticed as “new”). Please check model!

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